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Wide hips.

Canyon hips.
Gapped tooth smile hips.
Show me you’ve been here hips.
Carve your name into me hips.
Hips all about tourist photos.

Earth hips.
Space hips.

Hips like Saturn’s rings.
Hips with a gravitational pull.
Galaxy hips.
Hips all about expansion.

Baby doll hips.
Mess me up hips.
Dress me up hips.
Take me out hips.
Fuck me, fuck me hips.

Baby bearing hips.
Start a family hips.
You need to start a family hips.
You really need to start a family hips.
You don’t want to let your mother down hips.
You don’t want to wait too long hips.
You don’t want to get too old hips.

Stretch mark hips.
Cocoa butter hips.
Don’t remind people you are growing hips.

Dress for your body type hips.
Don’t dress for your body type hips.
Hips that don’t always tell the truth.
Hips that lie sometimes.
Carnival mirror hips.

Hips that say NO NO NO
instead of

Hips like a war zone.
Arms like a refugee camp.

By "Hips (Arms Like A Refugee Camp)" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)

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I’ve been watching horror movies on Netflix non stop the last 2 days so I keep getting scared by every single little thing omg

wow i have the best roommate


update: it was just my pet hedgehog eating cheerios