Hey I'm Maria, 19. Bisexual intellectual mess with a blog.
Go Army, Sink Navy.
Also sometimes porn.

Jelly Beans

  1. fashion
  2. makeup
  3. your word document of that time we planned our weddings (so glad you kept it)
  4. you smile
  5. your laugh
  6. your sense of humor
  7. your brain
  8. your snap chats
  9. your drunk snap chats
  10. your love of my drunk snap chats
  11. you put up with me
  12. you give me shit when I need you to
  13. you are my sunshine
  14. we can talk about brit lit and poop in the same conversation like nothing happened
  15. we’re approximately 821 miles apart and we still talk every single day
  16. you have the same impulses that I do
  17. Marvel.
  18. You speak spanish because you’re rad as dicks
  19. our shared love of Fall Out Boy (Praise be unto them)
  20. Madrilove
  21. Your makeup is always like hella on point
  22. your fucking cheekbones oh my sweet jesus
  23. you’re super cuddly
  24. everything